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Vitamins and Supplements


Demand for Vitamins and Supplements

Demands for vitamins and food supplements in South East Asia and the Middle East have grown considerably in the last few years and the pace is not expected to slow. The booming young and educated middle class populations, food health concerns and increasing awareness of consumer health and nutrition and the use of complementary medicines as a core element of consumer healthcare are major contributors to market growth. In most of the countries in these regions, pharmaceutical industries have not been able to produce a wide range of products within the vitamins and dietary supplements category, which has created excellent opportunities for Australian companies to expand their business into these regions.

Vitamins and Supplement Manufacturing Industry in Australia

Australia has a reputation for supplying clean and natural products with low chemical residues. Australian companies manufacture some of the best vitamins and supplement foods in the world. According to IBIS report “Vitamin and Supplement Manufacturing in Australia August 2015”, over the past five years, export revenue has grown at an annualized 13.2% to make up 35.7% of industry revenue and Exports are projected to grow, accounting for 42.1% of industry revenue in 2020-21. 

We source and market a wide and varied selection of high quality Australian vitamin and supplement products including vitamins, minerals, nutritionals, complementary medicines and general health products for oral consumption, including pills, oils, tablets and powdered mixes containing vitamins and supplements and distribute them to a wide network of clients in the Middle East and South East Asia.

If you are an Australian manufacturer of these products looking for opportunities to export your products to these markets or you are a wholesaler or retailer looking for premium Australian vitamin and supplement brands to import, please contact us using our Enquiry Form below so we can get back to you and discuss how we can help you.

Vitamins and Supplements

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